Everyone Can Win® Socially Responsible Management Company Award Program, AND CSR SCORE

The Everyone Can Win® evaluation includes a scoring system that is based on how many of the ManagInc recommended programs and policies are currently in place.  Scores communicate a company’s dedication to corporate social responsibility. Awards are won when scores exceed ManagInc’s benchmark.  Whether or not an award is won, companies can be re-audited if they have implemented new programs and policies, and it is determined if their score has reached the award winning level or has moved to a higher award category.

There are three possible Everyone Can Win® Awards a company can win:
•    Diamond Award: 90 – 100 percent of points
•    Platinum Award: 80 – 89 percent of points
•    Gold Award: 70 – 79 percent of points

Very importantly, please note that contracting with ManagInc for the Everyone Can Win® service in no way guarantees an award will be won.  Awards are earned if and only if a company meets ManagInc’s high standards.  Failing to hold high standards would ultimately lead to our program being seen as having no integrity – and a lack of integrity would mean our service offers no tangible benefits to you, our clients or society. Therefore, integrity is critical.

Companies that win awards have earned them – and we want them to be able to proudly share with potential employees and renters that they are recognized as being a Socially Responsible Management Company.

ManagInc’s CSR Score is a rating program with the score based on results from perception studies conducted with all stakeholders, plus a overview study of programs the companies offers to those who make their success possible. 

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