ManagInc’s CSR Score is a rating program with the score based on results from perception studies conducted with all stakeholders, plus a overview study of programs the companies offers to those who make their success possible.  Client scores are based on a five star rating system.

Please note that contracting with ManagInc for the Everyone Can Win® service in no way guarantees a high score.  Scores are based on the results from the company's stakeholders (perception studies) and the company program study.  Failing to hold high standards would ultimately lead to our program being seen as having no integrity – and a lack of integrity would mean our service offers no tangible benefits to you, our clients or society. Therefore, integrity is critical.

Companies that earn high CSR Scores have earned them – and we want them to be able to proudly share with potential employees and renters / clients that they are a socially responsible company.  Look for an Everyone Can Win® CSR Score badge when shopping for an apartment, researching a new job, or investigating suppliers!

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