Corporate Social Responsibility: Society's Future Requires Accountability Today

Entities and actors direct society’s evolution (or lack thereof) over time, through progress or stagnation. Societal progress rests largely on the choices of these entities and actors; whether they are responsible or not, these figures of history push progress or stunt and stagnate.  The deciding factor between progress and stagnation revolves around the responsibility taken by an entity and its ability to be accountable: accountable to themselves, their missions, and their environments. If an entity or actor fails to act within accordance to duty or requirement, then it merely stagnates human progress.  Entities and actors in the current landscape, who decide responsibly or irresponsibly, dictate progress or stagnation. 

As the 21st century has unfolded, corporations have become even more powerful entities and actors.  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) may shape society in the future because of the growing power and influence of these entities.  Corporations need to be held accountable internally and externally, allowing for progress.  Corporations and companies are responsible for their actions and ideas, which means their control is paired with obligation.

ManagInc is a company receptive to new ideas about social responsibility and encouraged by companies holding themselves accountable. Our team strives for excellence through sustainable action and is inspired by CSR in all fields.  When responsibility pairs itself with control, and duty marries itself with respect, then these corporations, companies, and organizations push society towards progress.

The team at ManagInc passionately strives to guide companies with being on the right side of our societal future.  Corporate Social Responsibility might very well save this planet one day because the growing strength of corporations and their duty towards people.

A great individual who fought for social change once said, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today” (Abraham Lincoln).  His great influence echoes throughout history; his disposition towards the danger of complacency and it manifesting into tomorrow’s conflict resonates for CSR. He foresaw the challenge with proactive choice and its necessity for progress today.

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