Keep the Pressure on for Socially Responsible Behavior - It's Working!

Co-Author: Jen Piccotti

HP to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Another 25%

HP to reduce gas emissions

Up until only several years ago, being a valued member of society was only part of a limited number of companies’ mission.  We know who they are – the Patgonias and Ben & Jerry’s of the world.  Thanks to all of us raising our voices and using our wallets to demand change, it’s exciting to see how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is rapidly evolving from a shallow marketing campaign into a business requirement. 

Demanding companies focus on more than just short term financial gains – demanding that being a good citizen is equally important – is reaching the tipping point.  The concepts of the Triple Profit (People, Planet, Profit) and “Doing Well by Doing Good” are no longer seen as some crazy concept.  You, your friends and we have had an impact!  Of course we need to keep pushing, but history is on our side. 

Regardless of the political environment – we, the people, have immense power because Corporate America listens to our wallets.  Nothing that happens in Congress or the White House will get Google to reverse its plan to achieve 100% of their energy needs in 2017 coming from renewables.  No matter what some politician says, Google isn’t listening; they aren’t going to switch from solar, wind, etc. and start using coal.

A good example of a company that several years ago made a commitment to being more socially responsible, that has been reaching goals, and is now setting even more aggressive goals is Hewlett-Packard.  They are committed to reduce their carbon footprint.  Their recent press release shares highlights, including: they were the first IT company to report its full carbon footprint; committed to 100% renewable electricity use, with the initial goal being 40% of energy coming from renewables by 2020; an approach that includes optimizing operations and building energy efficiency, shifting toward less greenhouse gas-intensive energy sources (via on-site renewable power, and acquired or generated off-site renewable power); they have renewed their support to the World Wildlife Fund’s Climate Savers Program.

Keep the pressure on Corporate America to do the right thing.  They will, as you hold the power (excuse the energy pun!).  Company profits and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive.  Everyone Can Win.

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