American Express: Up to 20 Weeks Paid Leave for All Parents, and More!

paid leave #csrmatters

Companies are really beginning to get how important it is to care for and about their employees –  this is wonderful!  Financial industry giant American Express recently announced they are expanding their paid parental leave policy for mothers and fathers!  Plus, they will offer: mothers traveling on business can ship their breast milk home for free; a parent concierge for expectant parents; employees can receive up to $35,000 for adoption or surrogacy for up to two children; and, up to $35,000 to defray the cost for infertility treatments.  The story also shares what Ikea and Axa are doing to expand what they are now offering. 

It’s so exciting seeing these changes – bringing “caring” to the forefront of corporate behavior.

Nobody loses when everyone wins.  #csrmatters

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