Nielsen Global Corporate Sustainability Report By Doug Miller, founder and president, ManagInc

A recent study regarding the impact of sustainability by global research giant Nielsen revealed the role younger generations, Millennials and Generation Z, are thankfully having on forcing companies to become more socially responsible. It also covered how businesses that are dedicated to being good citizens rightfully benefit from this growing worldwide demand.  

Nielsen’s Global Corporate Sustainability Report revealed that companies with a demonstrated commitment to sustainability outperform those who are not. Being committed to sustainability offers clear benefits to Mother Earth, as well as to socially responsible businesses:

  • The growth of consumer good sales from committed companies grew faster than those not committed.
  • The near 30,000 consumers who were surveyed in 60 countries reported this commitment impacted their trust in a brand, purchase decisions, and even willingness to pay more for a committed brand. 

Nobody loses when everyone wins. 


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