Driven to Having an Impact on Society

CSR Score's evaluation and planning program was created by ManagInc®.  ManagInc’s goal is to help each client to enhance how well they satisfy the needs of their employees, their residents / clients, and society.


At the core, we believe in the power of the team, commitment, honesty, fair play, and being socially responsible.


Doug Miller

Doug Miller

Doug Miller, ManagInc’s creator and CEO, formerly was founder and 16-year president of SatisFacts Research. SatisFacts is the multifamily industry's largest resident and employee satisfaction feedback system provider. SatisFacts provides services that intend to help clients improve resident and employee satisfaction.  Prior to that, for over a decade Doug held executive-level positions with several major multifamily property management companies.  

Upon leaving SatisFacts in 2015, Doug dedicated himself to creating a business that could have an even greater impact on society.  Given his experience in the multifamily housing industry, the next step was logical – to help forward-thinking property management companies and suppliers enhance their programs that support employees and residents / clients, as well as the communities they operate within. 

A key step in building ManagInc® and Everyone Can Win® was Doug bringing in a former partner who previously helped him build SatisFacts: Jen Piccotti is its Chief Operating Officer.  And since two, three, four and even more heads are better than one, ManagInc created an Advisory Board which includes some of the most forward thinking, diverse, highly respected and soulful members of the multifamily housing industry.

In addition, due to their significance in the workplace and as apartment renters, ManagInc conducted focus groups with young adults to obtain candid, no holds barred, firsthand feedback on the Everyone Can Win® concept.  The results from the focus groups validated our vision, yet also provided extremely valuable input that was used to make adjustments.


Doug and Jen are viewed nationally as authorities on resident and employee satisfaction / retention, education, career development and reputation management.  Evidence of this is that in 2017 Doug was named to the National Apartment Association’s CSR Committee. In addition, Doug is known within the multifamily housing industry as being an innovator: brought a service to the industry that provided candid, unfiltered resident and employee feedback so that companies could improve satisfaction and retention (SatisFacts); managed the effort to ensure that the apartment industry’s leading review site,, delivered a better cross-section of opinions so renters could make more-informed rental decisions.


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