Guiding Companies to Become More Socially Responsible

ManagInc’s Everyone Can Win® planning and evaluation platform was developed to guide multifamily housing (apartment) property management companies to become as socially responsible as possible, giving back to the those who have made their success possible. 

The Everyone Can Win® process begins with clients completing a detailed online evaluation of nearly 200 programs and policies related to residents, employees, vendors and society. The evaluation covers:

  •   The Workplace: Employee Satisfaction

-    Employee benefits
-    Employee education, growth, career development
-    Employment practices and overall workplace
-    Employee satisfaction
-    Supplier satisfaction

  • Living Experience: Resident Satisfaction

-    Amenities, facilities, services
-    Resident satisfaction
-    Online reputation
-    Apartment community staffing levels                                                                           -    Improvements to apartments, common areas, amenities, systems                           -    Resident systems, communication, services
-    Resident programs (such as regarding move ins and handling service requests)

  • Society: Caring, Active Support of the Greater Good

-    Community service, cause advocacy
-    Philanthropy
-    Green/environmental stewardship

Clients complete this detailed evaluation and provide all required back-up information. Then the ManagInc staff audits their responses and make any changes necessary.

The platform also serves as a planning tool, incorporating a project management component that lets clients prioritize and execute their efforts to revise current and new programs that the platform recommends (such as paid maternity and paternity leave). This permits clients to enhance how well their company takes care of residents, employees, suppliers and society.  The self-contained platform also provides support / information so that once clients decide on their next priorities, they are only one click away from easily moving forward with implementing valuable new programs (vendors and sites that offer recommended services, sample policies, etc.).  The objective is that the Everyone Can Win® platform is used for on-going corporate social responsibility action planning and management.

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