Guiding Companies to Become More Socially Responsible

ManagInc’s CSR Score service is a rating program based upon perception studies conducted with all stakeholders, as well as a program evaluation study completed by the client.  This service identifies strengths as well as opportunities to improve employee engagement and retention, supplier loyalty, resident / client satisfaction and retention, reputation, the recruitment of new employees and residents / clients, and bottom line performance.

The evaluation covers:

  •   The Workplace: Employee Satisfaction

-    Employee benefits
-    Employee education, growth, career development
-    Employment practices and overall workplace
-    Employee satisfaction
-    Supplier satisfaction

  • Living Experience: Resident Satisfaction

-    Amenities, facilities, services
-    Service, systems, programs, communication
-    Satisfaction; importance
-    Reputation

  • Society: Caring, Active Support of the Greater Good

-    Community service, cause advocacy
-    Philanthropy
-    Green/environmental stewardship


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