Everyone Can Win® is a service offered by ManagInc, a consulting business that works with multifamily (apartment) property management companies and suppliers nationwide to become as socially responsible as possible.  During our focus groups with young adults we asked for input on the benefits that the Everyone Can Win® program offers to society.  An attendee’s comment had a powerful impact on our passion for what we are doing: “What you are really saying is nobody loses when everyone wins.  I like that.”  Yes!  That’s exactly the point!  There's enough for everyone to go around.

Achieving this starts with helping clients develop plans that address taking care of the stakeholders who make their success possible: employees, suppliers, residents / clients, and the communities they do business in.  ManagInc offers a Everyone Can Win® service called CSR Score.  CSR Score is based on perception studies conducted with all of a company's stakeholders, as well as a study of company programs targeted to each.  Clients earn a CSR score based on the survey results.  The service evaluates:

  • The Workplace: Employee and Supplier Satisfaction
  • Living / Customer Experience: Resident / Client Satisfaction
  • Society: Caring, Active Support of the Greater Good

Company performance and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive.

Everyone Can Win® is intended to help companies increase their caring footprint.



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